Weight Management Workshop Level 2

Intermediate : 20-day Plan It Out




This workshop is for those who want to learn about LUCID method. Learn to create meal plan and understand the type of physical activities selection that suits best for their goals.

This package include:
– 1 session live group coaching (according to schedule below)
– 10 daily informative support group messages

Classroom Schedule Time (You only choose 1 language during enrolment) :
24th April 2022, Sunday
English session – 7.00pm (GMT+8)
Mandarin session – 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Level 2.0 : Weight Management Intermediate Workshop
Module 2.1 : Type of Exercise and Diet to Achieve Key Goals
Module 2.2 : Make a Meal Plan with Confidence
Module 2.3 : The Benefits of Supplements and Healthy Diet

You will be contacted by admin within 3 days after you have signed up to this workshop for enrolment to the support group. Registration close on 12th April 2022.